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5 questions to ask yourself as you’re searching for the Perfect Wedding Photographer. But remember, you’re looking for the perfect photographer for YOUR WEDDING. There are no recipes, and every wedding is special, every couple unique. That’s why you are the only one who has the right answers.


1. Do you like the photographer’s style? Better yet, do you like their photos?

While the standard advice is you should pick a photographer based on their style (photojournalism, vintage, modern traditionalism), we think you should instead ask yourself if you like their photos. Because if photojournalism means they’re not going to take posed pictures of your relatives, that might not work for you. Even if their style sounds good on paper, in this case it should just stay on paper and not come at your wedding.

2. Do they have client reviews?

Are they positive? Mixed? What did they have to say? Good things? Are they relaxed or all over the place? Open and flexible or using a cookie cutter approach on all their events? From their packages to their shot list. Are they friendly, responsive? Knowledgeable?

3. Do you like the photographer?

You don’t want to end up spending your wedding day stuck with a person you just don’t gel with. Engagement sessions are so useful for figuring this out. Do the engagement shoot, take the photographer and your chemistry with them for a test run. It is essential.

4. Pricing and what’s included. No, really: what's in & what’s not.

When looking at a photographer’s pricing, pay attention to what’s included. Are they shooting alone or do they have a second shooter or an assistant? What about additional hours, hi-res images, albums, prints, and engagement session? Are these all included in the quote or are they extra? As for albums and prints, remember they can be ordered later, after you’re done with all that wedding-related spend, so if you love someone’s art, but they don’t include fancy albums and prints with their package, go for the art. Or if they have them as add-ons, but they’re just too out of your budget right now, still go for the art and figure out the print later.

5. After the wedding: getting your photos

Once your wedding is over, you’ll want your pictures. We know it. You’ll want them immediately. Although all photographers wish they could make it happen overnight, going through hundreds of photos, sorting them, editing, etc. takes time. That’s OK. It’s supposed to take time. A few weeks. Not months. But weeks, yes. But to be sure, get a timeline from the photographer. When will the digital gallery be up? Is there a sneak peek? When will the proofs be ready? Also, what rights will you have? Will you get hi-res JPGs, or will you have to order prints? And if you hear about watermarks on the photos. RUN! If you can’t share your pictures with your friends and family, again…red flag.