what should I ask a wedding photographer

How many digital photos should we expect?

We average anywhere between 500 and 1000+ images per wedding, depending on the duration, number of locations, size of the party.

We discuss the details with you in our preliminary meetings. We always go through all our images, remove duplicates, remove closed eyes and test shots. Then we edit, crop photos, adjust the colour balance and create that finished style you hired us for. We want you to be happy with all the images you receive not just a small batch of them.

How soon will we get our digital photos after the wedding?

We love to do sneak peaks on a few images we've started working on, and they usually happen within a few days after the wedding.

We always aim to deliver the photos quickly, within 4 weeks, and we make them available easily via an online gallery. You will be able to freely print, share, and download your images for your personal use, with your friends and family.

At this stage, your photos will have been edited to make sure that skin tones look good, colors, and contrast are just right, and all the exposures are perfect. They won’t yet have had detailed work done in Photoshop – if any is necessary we do this at the album building stage.

If we choose an album, what happens?

If you choose an album, after you receive the proofs, we ask you to choose your favorite photos for the album – the number depends on the size of the album and the number of pages – and once you have shared your choices with us we start working on your album. If you'd rather have us pick the photos, we'll gladly do so.

We want you to love your album as much as we do, so before anything is printed you will see a draft of the design, and we are happy to discuss any changes with you. Nothing is sent to the album company until we have your final approval.

We work with several album companies who have their own estimates for delivering the final albums. We will inform you of their estimates. If for any reason their dates change (at peak times of the year for instance) we will, of course, let you know about any delay.