where to find wedding photographer San Francisco

You got engaged. Congratulations! So many things to think about, so many details: dress, venue, invitations, guest lists, flowers, dj, band, food...photographer...

Let's stop here for a second. After all, wedding photography is what we do and what we love and in our experience, the exercise below is very useful for all newly engaged couples. Before you start browsing hundreds of portfolios online, before you start sending messages and emails, and evaluate pricing...ask yourself these questions and answer them as detailed and as honest as you can.


1. How important is photography for you?

Answers here can range from...I'm not sure, not really, to I know that our wedding day photos, once all is said and done, are what is left. Those and the memories. And they are part of our legacy for future generations.

2. Boutique photography OR big business?

A boutique photography business usually takes on a limited number of events per year, has only one or two photographers on staff who are the owners as well, and they normally specialize on only one service. Yes, you guessed it. Photography. They don't offer videography, DJ services etc. The photographer who answers your initial inquiry is the same person who will shoot your engagement and your wedding, the one who will work with you to provide you with a customized offer to fit your needs, the one who will edit your photos. If, on the other hand you are looking to find photography, videography, DJ etc under one roof, then big companies are your answer.

3. What about albums?

And what kind. There are many types of wedding photo albums and photo books. Same with prints. Different qualities. Premium. Less costly. It's up to you to decide what you are interested in and to determine what your expectations are.

4. include the Engagement session or noT?

This is all up to you. Our advice is go for it! They make such for such amazing memories, maybe even the first photo session you do with your partner. They bring you even closer together and besides, they’re like a test drive for your photographer.

5. what is your budget?

Photographers charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars (please do your homework when choosing a photographer, even if you have a very limited budget- see more in this resource about the other 5 questions you need to ask yourself when you start going through the short list of wedding photographers) to 5 figures. Know what you are willing or able to invest in your wedding photography and what exactly you expect to get in return. From style to photos format, albums, prints.