When will my photographers arrive on my wedding day?

When you need them to. Even before that. There are some important moments and details all wedding photographers should account for when finalizing the photography timeline with you. And you should know that before the BIG DAY.

Wedding Day Timeline (an example)

This is not, by any means, a detailed timeline of your wedding day, but more of a guideline to let you in how we think about it and how we approach it, based on previous experiences.

There are four parts to the day: pre-ceremony, ceremony, post-ceremony, and reception and each has its big moments and big emotions.

Ring, dress, shoes, other details, 30 minutes (Bridal Suite or Hotel Suite).

Preparation: Chris will be with the groom, while Olivia will be with the bride; 60 minutes

Individual portraits for bride and groom: Bridal Suite, Venue (lobby, garden...); 30 minutes

First Look and Couples Session (daytime); 60 minutes

Wedding Party Photos; 60 minutes

Immediate Family; 30 minutes

Ceremony Details and Venue; 30 minutes

Formals (family and friends); 60 minutes

Couples Session (evening/sunset/late afternoon); 60 minutes

Reception Details and Venue; 30 minutes

Reception First Look; 15 minutes

Couples Session (reception sneak out); 15-30 minutes

This is not a checklist of all the shots. Just a high level overview of what goes on pre-ceremony, during, and after and during the reception. Of course, the candid, the big emotions, the unpredictable make everything unique and special. The tears, the laughter, the dancing, your bridesmaids, the groomsmen, your family, your friends. They will all make your wedding day and your wedding day memories unforgettable. And we would be honored to be there and capture them all.